Guillermo Orta, MBA

Guillermo started his managerial career at the Mexican Stock Exchange, where he worked as International Deputy Director and later on as Marketing and Information Deputy Director.

Having built a strong international business network, he started a Consultancy firm which was mainly focused on providing International Business Development and Efficiency Audits in Trade and Logistics. Developing projects for international firms in North America and Europe. Among his European clients, audits and managerial activities were developed for companies like Philips, Novartis and Knoll.

In 1998, he established himself in the Netherlands, where after working as Global Marketing Manager for a Dutch firm, he re-established his business consultancy firm with branches in Spain and Mexico. With his team, he developed international business development projects for many companies in different sectors and from several countries. Besides working for SME’s in developing strategic plans for their expansion and international activities, his company was awarded with contracts for representing, on exclusive terms in Spain and Portugal, International Business Wales, the Welsh trade and investment agency for a period of 8 years, assisting welsh firms in their internationalization process and the Welsh government in the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment. Also, his company has been represening the Board of Investment of Thailand for a period of over 10 years, for the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment.

He has partnered with foreign companies in at least 5 sectors, for setting up, growing and managing their operations in Spain and the Netherlands, from company registration up to personnel selection, setting up a distribution network, implementation, and execution of strategy.

Likewise, for a period of approximately 2 years, Guillermo served as General Coordinator of Entrepreneurship for Europe of the Red Global MX. Currently, he is the Managing Director of Global Network Europe.

Guillermo is a highly motivated, strategic, and entrepreneurial-minded person, with excellent negotiation and networking skills, used to dealing, at all levels, with both the private and public sectors.