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To serve as the strategic and operational partner for companies to reach their international goals.


To develop and put all the necessary tools to the disposal of the company we represent, in order to achieve their international objectives, under fair and attractive schemes, on a temporary or permanent basis, while keeping the identity and values of the company.


We are a highly motivated, multicultural, specialized, and experienced team with a common passion for international business.

Our team consists of consultants who specialize in the development of international business, such as research, networking, strategy, marketing, sales, distribution, ICT, logistics and negotiation. A team of business facilitators who develop business projects directly in Western Europe. We have partners with proven experience in many different sectors.

We develop projects for large multinationals and SMEs in different sectors and from different countries. Also, we partner with governments to represent them locally in our markets of influence as their foreign trading agency or area of ​​attraction for FDI. Examples of government agencies we have worked with for a long time include IBW, Wales UK Trade and Investment Agency, and the BOI, Thailand Board of Investment.

Our focus is on seeking business opportunities through a hands-on approach to the market, leveraging our networks of contacts and experience to define and execute strategy and negotiate with potential buyers.

In addition to our local presence, we provide highly competitive and flexible virtual assistance service packages, covering most administrative and specialized issues related to business development and internationalization of companies.


Guillermo Orta

Managing Director

Orta International

Hanneke Verschuren

Director Market intelligence and Virtual Business

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