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Edge AI-Powered Real-Time Defect Detection Solution in Manufacturing Industry

A manufacturing company significantly improved product quality and efficiency by implementing an edge AI-powered real-time defect detection solution, leading to a 50% defect rate reduction, 20% production increase, and 15% cost reduction.

Machine Learning For Rooftop Detection and Solar Panel Installment

Solar AI Singapore based startup incubated as a part of ENGIE Factory, collaborated with us, to pull off a mission to hyper-scale the deployment of distributed solar and the transition towards 100% renewables by modernizing the way rooftop solar is sold.

Edge AI for Data Encryption in a Healthcare Organization

A US healthcare organization implemented an edge AI-powered data encryption solution. The solution uses edge AI to encrypt patient data at the edge, before it is transmitted to the cloud. This protects patient data from unauthorized access, even if the data is intercepted.

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