Here is a selection of some of the projects we’ve undertaken, showcasing our diversity across sectors, project types, and countries.

Activity: FDI from Thailand to Spain – Government contract

Project Fixed yearly fee

For over a decade, we have  been representing the Board of Investment of Thailand, dedicated to fostering Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Spain.  Through our expertise and extensive experience, we have consistently played a pivotal role in catalyzing economic growth and international collaboration.

Activity: International Trade from Wales to Spain and Portugal – Government contract

Daily fee whenever commissioned

For 8 years we represented International business Wales, which is the Trade and Investment Arm of the Welsh Government with a database of over 3500  Welsh firms in a large variety of industries. We assisted and afterwards represented many of these welsh  firms in their quest to access the Spanish and Portuguese markets. 

Activity: Full implementation of activities for a dutch multinational in consumer electronics

Project full time for 3 years

As a first step the rent of a suitable warehouse was negotiated. After full build up of a 5000 m2 warehouse and 400 m2 of office space, the necessary personnel was hired, both for warehouse and office personnel, to start operations. Our consultancy firm handled the start up of this operation, building a distribution network all over Spain and Portugal, reaching expected sales within 2 years.

Biotech CRO

Activity: Two UK companies in Molecule synthesis, clinical trials and support services

Project 10 days, then daily fee

Action: Sell services to Spanish and Portuguese Pharma industry

Over the course of three years, these firms where introduced by our firm to big Pharma in both countries, resulting in contracts summing over €2 Million per year. This was the result of broad market research and successful introduction to the Pharma industry, who were accompanied to the visit and received the necessary support and follow up.

Medical Consumables

Activity: Trade mission to several countries

20 days project

A group of 8 German companies, active in the medical consumables market, joined forced and together with our German Associate several trade missions where organised to among others, Spain, Italy and France, to have round table meetings and one-to-one meetings with potential distributors in those countries, resulting in several very successful matches.

Specialists in Remote Monitoring & Control of Pipelines

Activity: Market study, introduction, and implementation of market recommendations

Detail: Project 10 days, then daily fee

A market study was carried out to find out about the potential competition and market opportunity for the firm in Spain.  Later, an agenda was put together to visit potential targets, resulting in several test cases requirements from large oil & gas companies.  A dedicated account manager was hired and supervised to manage the Spanish territory for successful follow-up and implementation in the market.

Training and Maintenance of windmills

Activity:  Finding clients in Spain

Daily fee for 32 days

A UK firm, experts in training teams in safe maintenance of windmills by a.o. abseiling was presented to large wind energy providers and set up a training office.

Beauty products

Activity: Set up distribution network

Project 10 years part-time

A well known Spanish skincare company assigned us with setting up the Benelux distribution market. For 10 years Global Network Europe has taken care of managing the distribution, control of warehouse and attention to clients for the brand.

Food Supplements

Activity:  Market study Mexico

Project 30 days

We carried out a comprehensive market study of the mexican market for a leading dutch manufacturer of food supplements. A trade visit was carried out, resulting in good contacts with several mexican distributors.

Fire, Acoustic, and Thermal Applications Solutions

Activity:  Market study and introduction

Project 10 days

A UK firm, supplier of thier trusted brand for high-rise buildings, construction, building services, OEM and many other industries, commissioned a market study and introduction resulting in several profitable contracts. Long term relations were established for the continuation of presence in the market.

Mission of 10 companies from Jalisco, Mexico, to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Daily fee 13 days

Activity:  Organize seminars with government institutions, round tables and one-to-one meetings. 

For the duration of 4 days a full agenda was organized, meeting with Chambers of Commerce, Industry Associations and private firms, including all logistics, translation services when necessary and free time activities. Follow up was carried out for several companies to effectively close deals after the visit.

Professional music Managers 

Activity:  Setting up a distribution network in Spain

Project 3 years full time

A leading manufacturer of music managers for the hotel, restaurants, and bars, commissioned us to set up, and manage, the business in the Iberian Peninsula. A local music expert was hired to feed local music, a distribution network was set up, and the subscription model was managed, resulting in a successful establishment in the market. 


Activity: Communication with spanish speaking clients 

Cumulative daily fee (build up per hour)

This client buys large batches of hardwood, with suppliers in Spain and several South American countries. However, communication was often difficult resulting in errors and delays in deliveries. We are now helping the company with all communication, written and telephone, with the suppliers so that communication is flowing again.

 Trade fair presence in Barcelona’s Alimentaria by 6 welsh F&D firms

Activity: Set up one-to-one meetings with international firms during the course of the fair

Project 18 days daily fee

Prior to the beginning of the trade fair, European distributors were contacted and meetings were set up to be held during the duration of the fair. Translation support was given during these meetings and the necessary follow up made after ending the trade mission.


Activity: Sporadic contact with spanish-speaking clients

Cumulative daily fee (build up per hour)

We work for several shoe buyers in the Netherlands, for whom we handle communication with their suppliers in Spain. Since it sometimes involves half an hour of work, we keep time records and are billed by the day.

Fume Extraction

Activity:  Representaation in Spain, Italy and Latin America 

3 years on a commision basis after a market penetration study of 1 month 

After approaching distributors in Spain, Italy and several South American countries, we represented the customer as a sales agent for three years to properly establish the relationship and ensure market penetration in the countries. After this, the contract was transferred back to the customer.

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