Trade Missions – Business Agendas to the Netherlands

Fast, efficient and economical way to get to know the culture, requirements, regulation and business possibilities in Europe, through direct contact with, among others, local entrepreneurs, sector specialists, distribution channels and authorities

Key stages for the success of the mission:

  • Preparation
  • Business Agendas
  • Follow up

For governments: Establishment of presence, to attract foreign investment or encourage trade relations, collaboration agreements, etc.

For companies: Contact potential buyers, business partners, local representatives, gather information on requirements and possibilities, etc.

Support of governments for the optimization of infrastructure resources and the opening of specific contacts at the highest level

Support from institutions highly specialized in various topics, for knowledge transfer and process efficiency

Organization of business agendas for a company or group visits by sector

Follow-up activities, by individual company or group (optional)

Organization and activities, procedures


Program development based on mission objectives


We establish direct communication by video calls, send preparation questionnaires, confirm in writing the objectives and procedures …

Research and information gathering


We use our databases, business and sector contacts, government and private institutions, and the internet

Information debugging


We analyze the information, contact the market and debug the information



We prepare press releases and disseminate the profile of the mission and its members in relevant media of the business and government sector in the target country

Administration and logistic support


We manage the correct administration of resources and logistic needs (hotel reservations, transportation, meeting centers, restaurants, etc.) to achieve a total experience

Promotional events

We program and manage promotional events, local press invitation, participation of relevant speakers from the public and / or private sector

Business agendas


We develop business agendas for each company participating in the mission. We verify the authenticity of the counterparty and its interest in establishing a business relationship

Negotiation and translation


We support the members of the mission in matters of business culture, support in negotiation and communication with counterparts

Follow up


This service (optional), allows the members of the mission to count on our local support as an interface for monitoring and continuity of the agreements reached, maximizing the chances of project success. The monitoring service and potential local representation can be at the individual level by company or be formed as a sector hub and support to the group of members.

The activities include the monitoring of agreements, order management and potential customers, image maintenance, market presence, strategic support – business plan development, etc.

We develop strategies and implement actions for the internationalization of companies to Europe, using the Netherlands as the entrance door