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We partially or entirely take over the internationalization process of companies to their target market, carrying out all necessary steps to reach their international objectives. To achieve this, we become your outsourced export department for specific markets on a temporary or permanent basis.

Our internal export managers team can handle quickly and efficiently to ensure that the work is carried out according to the client’s guidelines, budget, and timing. This team is selected, trained and works under the supervision of highly qualified managers, which saves a tedious, difficult and often costly recruitment process for our customers.

Depending on the complexity and nature of each phase of a project, different team members are deployed to ensure the success of the project. Export managers are intensively supervised and supported by senior management, from project intake and strategic plan definition up to and including the operational process of implementation or maintenance.

The starting point of every project is a free intake during which the necessary information is collected to define a plan of action. After the activities have started, the progress of the project is communicated both personally and through an online reporting system.

We develop strategies and implement actions for the internationalization of companies to Europe, using the Netherlands as the entrance door

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