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Million potential consumers in Europe

Sectors in which we have developed projects

We know that the internationalization of your company is not an easy task.

We provide you with the necessary support to maximize your export potential and make your internationalization process a success.

With the main objective of generating business opportunities for your company, we make a 3 phases practical market approach (preparation-research-negotiation). We land, consolidate and maintain your whole export operation. All, or the part that your company requires. We can also represent you at exhibitions, visit potential clients, or perhaps you require local storage or a practical market study to evaluate the potential of your product … we can support you in any commercial activity temporarily or permanently.

We work in a practical, fast and efficient way to ensure that your activities are carried out according to your guidelines, your budget, and your calendar.

Each phase of the project is developed by specialized personnel in areas such as sectorial knowledge, face-to-face, and online research, networking, contract negotiation, technical or commercial training, and account maintenance.

In addition to obtaining an optimal result, you will have the advantage of having a specialized work team at your disposal, avoiding the problems of selecting, hiring, training and supervising your own staff.

Among others, our services include:

– Preparation of the export offer (certifications, labeling, marketing material, etc.).

– Development and implementation of a comprehensive plan for approaching the market.

– Identification and contact with distribution channels and potential buyers.

– Monitoring of negotiations.

– Maintenance of commercial relationships.

– Administrative and logistics operation.

– Consolidation of presence in the target market.

– Continuation of its internationalization process to other markets in Europe.

– Support to Mexican companies and institutions in the organization and / or representation for trade missions, international fairs and business tables.

At sector level or for groups of companies, economies of scale can be exploited, using strategic and complementary synergies to share, for example:

– Administrative and logistics infrastructure.

– Commercial, administrative and operational representation.

– Distribution platforms.

We develop strategies and implement actions for the internationalization of companies to Europe, using the Netherlands as the entrance door